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Top 10 wedding photos for your big day

Pinterest has opened up a whole realm of inspirational photographs to help brides plan their wedding, and I thought I’d share my top 10! Particularly focussing on the bride and groom, these are some key shots that I would love to brief my photographer on. I love the more natural, less posed photographs, and particularly ones where there isn’t much eye contact with the camera.

So here’s my current top 10!

The Bride & Groom:

Perfect lighting and composition. Photographed by Justin James.

Props of the balloons add so much to this beautiful photograph by Amanda Wilcher. Read the rest of this entry

Inspire Me Wednesday: Benj Haisch

Benj Haisch | Photographer

Featured on Green Wedding Shoes yesterday, I couldn’t help but be instantly infected by Benj Haisch’s photographs. Not only does he capture the beauty, love and moments of the couple; but you can clearly see the love and joy he has of photography just by the photographs he takes. The way Benj captures this emotive and explosiveness in photos is beautiful. A truly talented photographer – make sure to check out his blog for more inspiration. I spent hours poring through his collection.

Benj Haisch Photography

Benj Haisch Photography

Benj Haisch Photography

The photographs of newly engaged couple Mathias and Chelsea grabbed me immediately due to the use of powder, as we’ve been working with this treatment recently at work. This stunning sequence has been captured perfectly – and I can definitely see why Benj was instantly drawn to them, I think I want to be friends with them already too! Check out the full feature, here’s a snippet of the series. Read the rest of this entry

Inspire Me Wednesday: Shannen Norman

As my last post on country style bridesmaid dresses were from a wedding that Shannen Norman photographed, it seemed only fitting to feature her work today. Getting a taste for what Shannen captures through her lens, I kept wanting more. Here’s a collection of photographs from her, I highly recommend browsing through her beautiful photographs yourself!

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Inspire Me Wednesday: Sorrento Weddings

There’s a few reasons I’m featuring Sorrento Weddings on this Inspire Me Wednesday post. Okay, so it’s technically Thursday, but I’m sure it’s still Wednesday somewhere in the world. As the beautiful Elissa of Magpie Miller tells me, Australia is in the future!

Sorrento Weddings

I’ve been wanting to feature Sorrento Weddings for a while. Not only did they shoot my best friend’s wedding last March (wow, that year went quickly Meg!) but they recently photographed a friend’s wedding in Portsea and I discovered the photos of their special day on their blog tonight. It inspired me to have a look at some of their other work, and I found a shoot from late last year featuring my hometown. What drew me into these photographs were how candid and natural they were. Scrolling through the photos, you easily felt like you could have been part of the day. I also couldn’t help but notice the beautifully mismatched bridesmaid dresses that Alex chose for her girls. It was an all round gorgeous wedding, and Sorrento Weddings did such a beautiful job in capturing it.

Sorrento Weddings

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Inspire Me Wednesday: Jose Villa

Having stalked Jose Villa for many months now on Twitter, Instagram and his blog, I thought it was about time to share some of the reasons I think he is a genius! Truly one of the most talented photographers I’ve seen in recent times, gets me excited every time I see a new tweet or blog post because I know it will be brilliant! Whilst some of these photos below aren’t necessarily of weddings, they are too beautiful not to share. Take my word for it, follow @josevilla or visit his blog, you’ll be inspired.

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Inspire Me Wednesday: Lauren Larsen

I’ve seen Lauren’s photographs pop up all over the web, and today I stumbled across a photograph she’d taken of a bride wearing a Sarah Seven wedding dress. Her photographs capture the moment like it’s all one big stage. Stunning photography, colour and composition.

Lauren Larsen Photography Read the rest of this entry

Hanging by a moment

Who doesn’t love a good wedding gown shot! A variety of pre-wedding shots with the bride inevitably require a few angles of the dress itself. As a way to show off the gown on the big day, photographers tend to hang the dress in a high place to accentuate the train, neckline, fabric and colour. My favourites are those that hang the dress from a tree, or include some shubbery, it looks like such a beautiful contrast and brings out the detail in the dress.

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Inspire Me Wednesday: Kelly O’Schmidt

Since I haven’t seen any inspirational photography this week, and I haven’t featured one of my best friend’s weddings yet…Today’s Wednesday post goes to the lovely Kelly O’Connell, and her hubby Steven Schmidt. Affectionately known as “The O’Schmidt’s”.

Unfortunately, this gal didn’t get to attend their wedding, one trip too many back to the USA for the year of 2011 sadly!

Kelly moved out to Australia from the USA, with her fiance Steven. That’s a pretty big move for a girl at the height of her career! I’m damn happy she moved here! Kelly has become one of my best friends, and we have had some amazing times. She is one of the toughest, positive, awe-inspiring people I know, and I love her to bits. So, here’s a showcase of her wedding photos by the super talented Wheelhouse Weddings. Not to mention their incredibly fun, and very them, wedding dance!

cloisters kelly and steven Read the rest of this entry

Sneak Peek: Rick & Angela

Rick and Ange arrival

Sneak preview of what’s to come in the coming days. The spectacular wedding of Rick & Angela on January 28, 2012. The wedding date signified the 5th anniversary of when they first met. Can’t wait to share the photos with you all this week, it was truly a fairytale wedding!

Inspire Me Wednesday: Lauren McConnell Photography

So, my latest inspiration I stumbled upon while scouring Pinterest and I was in love in an instant.

Chad & Ashley’s beautiful wedding photos by Lauren McConnell are among the most inspiring I’ve seen. The setting is absolutely perfect, with rustic flair and beautiful lighting. And it doesn’t hurt that the subjects are easy on the eyes either. Read the rest of this entry