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I believe in magic: Jen & Jeff

When a long time friend of mine from Ohio, introduced me to her boyfriend (at the time) I knew they were perfect for each other. Alike in many ways, but very different in other ways, like Yin & Yang completing their circle. They truly are the definition of true love. When Jen told me Jeff had proposed, I was over the moon – I knew Jeff was going to spend the rest of his life trying to make Jen happy. What more could you ask?

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Inspire Me Wednesday: Kelly O’Schmidt

Since I haven’t seen any inspirational photography this week, and I haven’t featured one of my best friend’s weddings yet…Today’s Wednesday post goes to the lovely Kelly O’Connell, and her hubby Steven Schmidt. Affectionately known as “The O’Schmidt’s”.

Unfortunately, this gal didn’t get to attend their wedding, one trip too many back to the USA for the year of 2011 sadly!

Kelly moved out to Australia from the USA, with her fiance Steven. That’s a pretty big move for a girl at the height of her career! I’m damn happy she moved here! Kelly has become one of my best friends, and we have had some amazing times. She is one of the toughest, positive, awe-inspiring people I know, and I love her to bits. So, here’s a showcase of her wedding photos by the super talented Wheelhouse Weddings. Not to mention their incredibly fun, and very them, wedding dance!

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