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Benjamin & Natalie: 3 March 2012

As far as wedding attendance goes, this was one of my highest anticipated ones for the year. Seeing Ben tie the knot with the beautiful Natalie was such a special occasion. Ben has been my mentor for as long as I’ve been in the advertising world (6 years). Working under Ben taught me so much in the year that we worked together – and of course everyone loved BK and talked him up that you couldn’t help but aspire to be more like him. The most personable and successful person, I feel like I owe a lot to Benny. So to be invited to share in Natalie and Ben’s big day, was pretty special for me. Ben’s a pretty lucky guy to have found the likes of Natalie. She is the most warm, beautiful person, and they are such perfect partners in life.

Now, can you believe I forgot to take my camera? So you guys for now, are left with my iPhone attempts (terrible lighting). Hopefully there will be some professional ones to add shortly taken by the talented Inga. I’ve also taken a few images from the beautiful event stylist Madame Bonbon from her blog post.

The Saturday was one of those rainy weekend days, where it just did not stop raining. It didn’t really matter though, the day was perfect, and I’m sure it actually enhanced the photographs that were taken. I think it actually added to the atmosphere on the day! As soon as you entered the Sandbar, you were greeted by the groom and a tray of champagne and beers. First wedding I think I’ve been to where guests are drinking before the bride has walked down the aisle! What a perfect way to start of the afternoon.

The setting was amazing, and one I would highly recommend to Melbournians, as a stunning, intimate venue for your wedding day. Ben and Nat had about 70 people, and the set up was cocktail. Another first for me, a cocktail wedding party. It was absolutely perfect – and definitely makes me want to have a cocktail reception instead of a sit down reception!

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Vintage short wedding dress

I just came across this dress scouring Pinterest. Can you say obsessed?

It was posted to Pinterest via Lost in Vogue but there wasn’t any info about where the dress originated. I absolutely adore it. While I’m still unsure about the style of wedding I’ll have in the future, I have definitely entertained the thought of a shorter style dress. This feels perfect for a cocktail style wedding, classy and stylish!

There’s some more short designer dresses on my Facebook page.