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Bomboniere ideas

Choosing wedding favours for your wedding guests is always a difficult decision. If we’re honest, most people don’t keep the Bombonieres anyway right?

A few of my favourites from weddings have been

  • Maple Syrup – the family had a maple tree farm in Vermont, and was their own syrup, which was a beautiful touch
  • Candles – Candles are a winner because everyone loves a candle, particularly a scented one!
  • Plant – my best friend had an earthy theme to her wedding, and as her wedding favour she gave all the guests a mini plant to take home and plant in their backyard.

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Favourite part of a wedding?

Now, this is always a hard question to answer. There are inevitably great things about every wedding, but each one, has it’s own unique ‘something’ that makes it different to the last.

For example, the wedding I most recently attended, was the absolute closest to what I would want out of my own wedding. My favourite part about it was seeing how she did everything and separated the events of the evening. Ask anyone else at the wedding, and you’re guaranteed to get a different answer every time.

But, just for curiosity’s sake – what’s your favourite part of any wedding you’ve attended? Feel free to add your own answers to the ones I’ve already suggested!