Top 10 wedding photos for your big day

Pinterest has opened up a whole realm of inspirational photographs to help brides plan their wedding, and I thought I’d share my top 10! Particularly focussing on the bride and groom, these are some key shots that I would love to brief my photographer on. I love the more natural, less posed photographs, and particularly ones where there isn’t much eye contact with the camera.

So here’s my current top 10!

The Bride & Groom:

Perfect lighting and composition. Photographed by Justin James.

Props of the balloons add so much to this beautiful photograph by Amanda Wilcher.

Love the thought of doing a pre-wedding photograph without seeing my future hubby! Photographed by Brandon Werth.

Photographed by Candace Epp.

The Bride

Beautiful, natural and well lit. Photographed by Justin James.

The interesting backdrop just makes this photograph pop. Photographed by Lauren Larsen.

Bridal Party

Unsure who the photographer was, but this is a beautifully captured moment of actress Odette Annable with her best friend and bridesmaid. I want one of these on my wedding day!

Photographs of your bridal party (and guests!) enjoying themselves!

A quirky and unconventional way to photograph your bridal party and looks great as a montage. Photographed by Brandon Witzel.

And my final one to round out the top 10, is just one I adore because I’d love a photograph that captures that happiness of having your first dance with your new husband! I couldn’t find the photographer for this unfortunately as it was from pinned from Tumblr.

So, there’s a few inspirational photographs I’ve come across in my Pinterest and blog reading, and I hope they inspire you to think about some of the photographs you want from your photographer on your big day! Don’t forget that you hired your photographer for a reason, and they are going to do a brilliant job – but it doesn’t hurt to give them a bit of direction and let them in on the type of photos float your boat!

Got any photographs that are your favourite? Share them with me in the comments below!

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  1. Beautiful photos. We didn’t have a first look but I do love the idea of hiding behind something because I can’t even imagine how I’d feel knowing he was on the other side.

    • I’m the same, I’m not married yet so I’m collecting all the types of photos I hope to have one day!

      What was your favourite shot from your own wedding?

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