Choosing artificial flowers for your wedding bouquet

The lovely Nicole from “How Divine” has been talking to me about artificial flowers for a while now, and so I asked her to write a few words to share with you all!

How Lovely bouquet

Brides are faced with so many options when planning their wedding, and choosing the right wedding flowers can be a tricky decision. A number of brides aren’t quite sure what flowers will be in season on their wedding day, the average cost of flowers, which flowers look best together and even what to do with them after their wedding day! So many questions! Here’s a few hot tips if you’re considering using artificial real touch flowers for your bouquets:

  • High Quality
    Artificial flowers today are made of high quality latex materials, therefore they are very life like and feel real to touch. The attention to detail in real touch flowers is superb, many flowers will show you the detail right down to the veins running through the flower petals.
  • They last!
    Your artificial wedding bouquets will last a lifetime – what a beautiful way to treasure the memories from your wedding day forever! You eliminate the extra costs involved with preserving your flowers after your wedding day,  and you can even display them on your mantel piece or on a bedside table.  With artificial touch, your flowers will look fantastic for years to come.
  • Easy to send anywhere
    Artificial bouquets are easily transportable, and can be packed up and sent anywhere in the world, this is also a great option if you are planning on having a destination wedding.
  • Variety of flowers no matter what the season
    No need to worry about what flowers will be in season, as the most popular flower types are always in season when it comes to artificial flowers.
  • See your flowers in advance
    You will have peace of mind knowing that your wedding flowers will arrive well before your special day, ensuring you will have one less worry on your wedding day.
  • No allergies
    If any member of your bridal party suffer from allergies, artificial flowers are perfect. Let’s face it, no one wants to be suffering from allergies on your wedding day!
  • Custom
    Each bouquet is custom designed to suit your wedding colour theme & budget.

How Divine has created many stunning artificial wedding bouquets and sent them all around Australia, Canada and the USA. They take great pride in our work and consult with you throughout the entire process of creating your bouquets, ensuring that you are happy with your bouquets.

Colourful realt ouch wedding bouquet

If you’re stuck for which flower you think suits you on your big day, Nicole has also put together a blog post about the meaning of flowers, which might help you in your decision making! Check out the post here.

How Divine also has an extensive range of 1700+ products on their website, everything you need to plan your special day, from wedding guest books, bridal accessories, jewellery, hair pieces, decorations, bomboniere, favour boxes, confectionery, bridal party gifts, parasols & much more. Visit their website to view their full range of products.

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