Chanel & Thomas: 14 April 2012

Gorgeous location, golden weather, a stunning bride and insanely happy couple.

What a perfect setting for a wedding, in Adelaide at St. Peter’s College Chapel. The school chapel of Thom’s, complete with benches placed horizontally and sideways to the alter so that we could all see the beautiful Chanel walk down the aisle to her groom. The stain glass detail in the chapel was truly beautiful, as well as picture perfect courtyards for photographs.

To go back in time, I met Chanel and Thomas at university on the Gold Coast, with Chanel and I becoming instant friends, and close ever since. We may live in different states, but we catch up a few times a year and always on emails, texts, phone calls, and of course Facebook. The now happy couple were inseparable even as friends at university, so it comes as no surprise to see how incredibly happy they make each other in love.

This photo is pre-relationship days…you can’t tell the difference right?! 😉

I still distinctly remember the day that Chanel called me, and was all excited saying “I kissed Thom last night”! And two years later, an excited text while on holidays in Thailand after Thom proposed to her. Couldn’t be happier for these two, they are such a picture perfect couple that have built such a wonderful life for themselves and their beautiful puppies.


St Peter’s College Chapel was just stunning. It felt like we were in old England somewhere with the beautiful towers and vast grounds. One thing that really stood out to me in this chapel was the sideways facing alter, which having not been in too many churches, I haven’t seen before. I loved that everyone got to face the bride (and bridal party!) as they walked down the aisle. The boys looked pretty calm and collected while they waited for the ladies, and looked dapper in their tuxedos. The ceremony was simple and short, with a few hymns in between. Perfect weather once the guests stepped out of the chapel, and we were given white rose petals to throw over the newlyweds.


In true Chanel form, this wedding was exquisite. Every little detail was taken care of, leaving nothing less than perfect. I can’t tell you how blown away I think all the guests of this wedding were. Walking down Playhouse Lane to the Queens Theatre, you had no idea what to expect; no one could have pictured the setting that Chanel created for this evening. Big congratulations to Chanel for bringing to life such a vision, acknowledged by her husband for having orchestrated the entire event.

Walking into the venue, the draped tassels hanging from the ceiling, was breathtaking. The front of the room where the guests mingled having canepes, french champagne and chatting, was a perfect way to start off the evening. Les and I particularly enjoyed this part, having a chance to get to know a few people and chat to some new faces. Being the only person from University that Chanel and Thom in attendance meant that we didn’t’ know too many people, but it didn’t matter because everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and the long tables really aided a lot of conversation.


Lilies and roses were the theme of the wedding, and they were perfect. The simple roses for the bridal bouquet, and roses along the tables, coupled with lilies adorning the room throughout Queens Theatre.

Food & Drink:

I’d have to class this as the best food and drink at a wedding to date. The menu had variety, and you got to choose your own entree and main rather than having a plate drop. Very impressive! Cooking for so many people (170 guests!) it’s always hard to gauge the timing for the chef’s, but the food was fantastic. I had the fish, and it was cooked perfectly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was free flowing french champagne for the entire evening, as well as drops from local wineries which was a nice touch. Hands down, calling the best food at a wedding from this gal!

Wedding Cake:

What a gorgeous cake! I particularly loved the two little dog figurines that represented Chanel & Thom’s own dogs. Such a special touch, and totally something I would do! The cake was divine…three tiers, and not only did they still serve a normal dessert, but they cut up the cake and shared the layers with everyone. There was a chocolate mud layer, and a vanilla layer…Again, one of the most beautiful wedding cakes I have certainly tasted.


The speeches were staggered throughout the night, which made it all flow really nicely and it worked well not to have all speeches at the same time. And what tremendous speeches they were. Speeches by the bride and groom were great, and the father of the bride was also entertaining. The MC for the night was Chanel’s brother Alfie, who did a splendid job in keeping the evening on track and moving along. Best on ground however, goes to the Best Man Speech.

The Best Man: Let me take you back in time, in a far away land…with a Princess named “Chanel” and how she found her Prince.”

What a way to tell a story of how Chanel and Thom fell in love. It was light hearted, entertaining and punchy. One of the best speeches I’ve seen delivered by a best man!


In lieu of a bomboniere, Chanel and Thomas made an RSPCA donation. Doesn’t get much better than that for me, it’s exactly what I plan to do at my own wedding. Most people don’t appreciate a bomboniere anyway, so in my mind it makes perfect sense to donate it to the less fortunate and certainly those unable to fend for themselves. The RSPCA are such a wonderful Australia charity, and I loved the touch of the donation.

Throwing of the bouquet:

Always a coveted part of the evening, the ladies gathered on the dance floor for Chanel’s bridal toss. Surprisingly quite a few ladies, and then a few that were already married but wanted in on the toss! Would you believe, it landed on the ground! It went straight through my hands – there wasn’t enough conviction in my jump and grab, because my boyfriend told me later that is swept straight through my hands, and he couldn’t believe I hadn’t caught it!


All in all, don’t know where to begin in describing the highlights of this wedding, because it was such a momentous occasion. I just felt so privileged to be a part of it with Chanel and Thom, and am blessed to have them as friends.

  • The Venue – complete with the long tables, stunning decor, old theatre setting, doesn’t get much more perfect of a venue.
  • Chanel’s dress – a Monique L’Huillier direct from the USA, Chanel shon in this dress
  • Food & Drink – food was exquisite and champagne a plenty!
  • Best mans speech
  • The Bridesmaids – The girls were so on top of things all night, and they looked stunning. The Zimmermann bridesmaid dresses and their gorgeous buns were so chic.
  • Meeting new people and making new friends

Ceremony – St Peters’ College // Reception Venue – Queens’ Theatre, Adelaide // Dress – Monique L’Huillier //

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