Inspire Me Wednesday: Sorrento Weddings

There’s a few reasons I’m featuring Sorrento Weddings on this Inspire Me Wednesday post. Okay, so it’s technically Thursday, but I’m sure it’s still Wednesday somewhere in the world. As the beautiful Elissa of Magpie Miller tells me, Australia is in the future!

Sorrento Weddings

I’ve been wanting to feature Sorrento Weddings for a while. Not only did they shoot my best friend’s wedding last March (wow, that year went quickly Meg!) but they recently photographed a friend’s wedding in Portsea and I discovered the photos of their special day on their blog tonight. It inspired me to have a look at some of their other work, and I found a shoot from late last year featuring my hometown. What drew me into these photographs were how candid and natural they were. Scrolling through the photos, you easily felt like you could have been part of the day. I also couldn’t help but notice the beautifully mismatched bridesmaid dresses that Alex chose for her girls. It was an all round gorgeous wedding, and Sorrento Weddings did such a beautiful job in capturing it.

Sorrento Weddings

Sorrento Weddings

Sorrento Weddings

Sorrento Weddings

I’ll have to do another feature of Meg and Simon’s wedding from last year, and showcase the amazing work by Sorrento Weddings. For now, if you’re a Melbourne bride looking for young, energetic and talented photographers in Melbourne, I can highly recommend Sorrento Weddings.

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  1. Hey friend from the future! What lovely photos! 🙂

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