Loving mismatched bridesmaid dresses

The more I see photos of bridal parties with mismatched dresses, the more I love it!

This one from Christian Oth Studio NY is a perfect example of picking a colour scheme, and having your bridesmaids in completely different dresses, and having it work! They all look part of the same bridal party, but each with their own sense of style and wear the type of dress that is suited to the individual. Plus, I absolutely love that they have different brightly coloured shoes on!

This bridal party, photographed by Steve Depino, are picture perfect in their neutral colour scheme. I particularly like the different necklines of each dress complete with the complementing fabrics.

For a pop of colour, these lovely ladies took on a sea green colour scheme which works nicely. Photographed by Tiny Water Photography, again I really like the varied necklines and styles.

These ladies are among my favourite of the mismatched bridal party I’ve seen, picking an overall colour scheme and splitting into two colours for differentiation. Photography by Jen Rodriguez.

This bride and her two besties are to die for! The navy blue dresses are completely different to each other, and yet are clearly part of the same wedding party. I love the addition of the ruffles to the look, as well as the pink bridesmaids flowers to make the trio pop! Photographed by the talented Stephanie Williams.

I’d love to see any other mismatched bridal parties you’ve seen that you think work well. I think in the coming wedding season we are going to see more of these bridal parties becoming the norm! Can’t wait for Chanel’s wedding in 2 weekends time, maybe she’ll give me a mismatched bridal party to share with you all? Knowing the bride, I doubt there is anything mismatched about it, but whatever she chooses, you guys are going to love it. The epitome of class, my friend Chanel!

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