Sam & Jess: 29 February 2012

Sam and Jess Chester

Sam and I went to Bond University together, and he’s always been such a fun and genuine friend. While I don’t see Sam all the time in Melbourne, it’s always such fun to see him and catch up. Seeing the video that his videographer (C2 Video) put together of his big day just took my breath away – it looked like the most perfect and magical day. His bride, Jess, is truly one of the most classical and stunning brides I’ve ever seen. And never without a gorgeous, infectious smile! The moments that C2 have captured of Jess getting ready with her family and bridesmaids are perfectly lit and she seems so relaxed and happy. I particularly love the iconic Melbourne shots that were incorporated following the ceremony with Jess and Sam in the middle of the tram tracks, and within the gardens across from the National Gallery.

This video really captures every moment a wedding video should, and from the music, to the slow motion, the lighting and composition, this is hands down the most amazing wedding video I’ve seen. The fact that it’s a friend’s wedding day makes it even more special!

Sam + Jess Highlights from C2 Video.

More photos to come next week, photographed by the insanely talented crew at Blumenthal. Stay tuned!

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