Benjamin & Natalie: 3 March 2012

As far as wedding attendance goes, this was one of my highest anticipated ones for the year. Seeing Ben tie the knot with the beautiful Natalie was such a special occasion. Ben has been my mentor for as long as I’ve been in the advertising world (6 years). Working under Ben taught me so much in the year that we worked together – and of course everyone loved BK and talked him up that you couldn’t help but aspire to be more like him. The most personable and successful person, I feel like I owe a lot to Benny. So to be invited to share in Natalie and Ben’s big day, was pretty special for me. Ben’s a pretty lucky guy to have found the likes of Natalie. She is the most warm, beautiful person, and they are such perfect partners in life.

Now, can you believe I forgot to take my camera? So you guys for now, are left with my iPhone attempts (terrible lighting). Hopefully there will be some professional ones to add shortly taken by the talented Inga. I’ve also taken a few images from the beautiful event stylist Madame Bonbon from her blog post.

The Saturday was one of those rainy weekend days, where it just did not stop raining. It didn’t really matter though, the day was perfect, and I’m sure it actually enhanced the photographs that were taken. I think it actually added to the atmosphere on the day! As soon as you entered the Sandbar, you were greeted by the groom and a tray of champagne and beers. First wedding I think I’ve been to where guests are drinking before the bride has walked down the aisle! What a perfect way to start of the afternoon.

The setting was amazing, and one I would highly recommend to Melbournians, as a stunning, intimate venue for your wedding day. Ben and Nat had about 70 people, and the set up was cocktail. Another first for me, a cocktail wedding party. It was absolutely perfect – and definitely makes me want to have a cocktail reception instead of a sit down reception!

The celebrant was actually Ben and my old boss at Sputnik, Josie Brown, and it must have been so special for Ben to have her there on his day as his celebrant.  Josie spoke so well, and made it quite personal having known Ben and Nat for many years. I think those certain touches are important, and make the event even more amazing. It was great to be able to chat to Ben and his groomsman pre-ceremony, and I’ve never seen Ben so nervous as before he saw his bride walk down the aisle!

The ceremony was a quick one, with Josie introducing the couple and giving a brief summation of their lives together, and the exchange of vows. It was to the point and gorgeous, and intimate in the way the room was set up with people standing all around the top level and then scattered standing around the aisles. I loved the intimate setting that Sandbar created.

The beautiful bride Natalie, taken from Madame Bonbon.

Unfortunately only having the iPhone meant that any action shots weren’t captured so well. These are a few of Natalie arriving and walking down the aisle taken with the trusty iPhone!

The bride and her beautiful bridesmaids…

Wedding ideas
Nat and Ben had organised polaroid cameras in place of a traditional guestbook, and asked guests to take a photo of themselves, stick it in the book and leave their well wishes. Plus, polaroids were taken throughout the night by the guests to capture special moments. It was an absolutely fantastic idea, and something I would highly recommend as a guestbook option to those planning their wedding. They also had little boards around the room with “things you didn’t know about her” and “things you didn’t know about him” which was super cute. Have always loved the idea of doing this, and it was just a nice little touch around the room.

The flowers and setup of Sandbar was simple and elegant. The room spoke volumes to the type of wedding Ben and Natalie wanted, and kicked off the afternoon/evening perfectly. Madame Bonbon styled the room with white lace runners, coupled with glass vases/bottles with long-stemmed white roses. The setting of the room was truly spectacular and the simplicity just made the room pop.

One of the great things I thought about having the cocktail style wedding, meant that the bridal party were amongst their friends and family for the entirety of the event. The minute the ceremony was over, they all had a drink in hand and were mingling with the guests. They had photographs intermittently, but were never far from their wedding guests. I thought it was such a nice touch and really added to the atmosphere of the evening. Nat also threw the bouquet, and the lucky lady was Ben’s groomsman and brother Aaron, girlfriend. Hopefully another Mrs. Kidney to be!

The stunning wedding party straight after the ceremony…

The cake was a non-traditional cupcake cake from the deliciously tasty Let Them Eat Cake in South Melbourne. It was truly delicious, and the berries were so fresh and fabulous.

Photo credit: Madame Bonbon

Ben and I, courtesy of Instagram!

Wedding highlights:

  • Bridal party attire – Joe Black grey suits for the boys, and simple gorgeous black dresses for the ladies
  • Cocktail party reception
  • Polaroid cameras and guest book of polaroids
  • Sandbar as a venue
  • Natalie’s gorgeous dress and hair
  • Simplicity of the flowers and decorations
  • Natalie’s bridal bouquet – most stunning bunch of roses I’ve seen
  • Spending time with old work colleagues

Venue – Sandbar Beach Cafe // Celebrant – Josie Brown // Suits – Joe Black // Event Styling – Madam Bonbon

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  1. Great article, Steph (thanks for the link). It was such a lovely wedding.

    Look forward to a coffee soon,
    Madame Bonbon

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