I believe in magic: Jen & Jeff

When a long time friend of mine from Ohio, introduced me to her boyfriend (at the time) I knew they were perfect for each other. Alike in many ways, but very different in other ways, like Yin & Yang completing their circle. They truly are the definition of true love. When Jen told me Jeff had proposed, I was over the moon – I knew Jeff was going to spend the rest of his life trying to make Jen happy. What more could you ask?

To be included in Jen and Jeff’s beautiful Ohio wedding, was such a special time for me. For one, I got to spend an amazing week with old friends that will always have a special place in my heart, as well as celebrate with Jen’s friends and family whom I’d grown to know over numerous trips. Secondly though, I got to introduce my boyfriend to the girls, which meant the world to me. It’s hard to believe the wedding was over a year ago, and that we were travelling around the USA to celebrate one of my best friends wedding days.

Jen and Jeff’s wedding was such a fun one. The ceremony itself was at a gorgeous church in Hudson, Ohio, and was a stunning church. Jen and Jeff kept talking to each other the whole time through the ceremony with little tid bits that made them giggle, and it was beautiful to see them so in love. The ceremony was short and sweet, a few readings from loved ones, and the priest was great.

Following the ceremony, Jen had organised for bubbles to be handed out to all the guests, and as they walked out as husband and wife, we all showered them in bubbles! I even brought a few home to Australia.

Table 11 was the perfect table for us. It was just the 7 of us, and was just such a great chance to spend some quality time together, given we generally only see each other at weddings now that we live on opposite ends of the earth. Side note, Julie’s partner Jared caught the garter and the next summer were engaged, and now married! The wedding evening was just one big party, always on the dance floor, talking at the bar (the bar was the best idea by the way!) and generally just enjoying ourselves. The reception and cocktails were at the hotel, which made it so easy for everyone and kept everyone partying just that little bit longer. When it came time to toss the bouquet, I certainly didn’t think it was going to be me that caught it! I think that was probably only the 2nd bouquet I’d caught. Now, I am up to number 5, and the man still hasn’t bought a ring!

Entering the reception Bride

Jen with her Bond friends

A wonderful reason to visit the States, to see such a special girlfriend get married.

Jen & Jeff – September 11, 2010.


  • Seeing Jen walk down the aisle looking every bit like a princess
  • Having the wedding at the same place as the hotel everyone was staying at
  • Catching up with wonderful friends, and being in the USA
  • Catching the bouquet!

Church – St Mary Catholic Church, Hudson, Ohio // Reception – Marriott Cleveland East // Wedding dress – David’s Bridal // Flowers – Baumann’s Florist // Photographer – Blink of an Eye Photography // Cake – Michael Angelo’s Bakery

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  1. Steph, you are too kind! It was so special to us that you were able to share in our day 🙂 xoxo

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