Angela & Rick: 28 January 2012

Bride arriving at reception

Ange is technically my sister-in-law, being the sister of my brother’s wife Sonya. She’s always been like family, from the moment we met. Ange and I have gone through pretty similar life stages together, and our beau’s have uncanny similarities at times! To be invited to celebrate Rick & Ange’s special day with them was such an honour, and such fun!

Ange’s maid of honour, Shae, put on a big hens two weeks prior to the wedding. A great hens is key! Given I don’t know most of Rick’s side of the family, and only know a few of Ange’s close friends, to get to know a lot of the girls prior to the big day was crucial. Starting with a low key winery lunch at Dromana Estate, and ending with topless waiters at Shae’s house for a beach party. Knowing a few more of Ange’s friends definitely made the wedding even more enjoyable.

So let’s start at the beginning of the day. The church wedding commenced just after 2pm, with Ange arriving in a stretch Hummer with her ensemble. The ceremony itself was all very relaxed, and very quick. No programs, a brief prayer, exchange of vows, a big kiss and the signing of the papers. Beautiful, to the point, and then off to get the night started! It was a scorcher of a day, so after the ceremony, there was a lot of hugs and kisses of congratulations and a big group shot before everyone headed for their air conditioned cars. Ange planned photographs at Silk Road in Melbourne CBD, which will be truly stunning and I’m sure I’ll share with you at a later date! Unfortunately, the only photo of the couple walking down the aisle is on my iPhone, so excuse the crappy quality!

With Rick’s side of the family being Croatian, there was a distinct Croatian influence to the evening. Australian and Croatian flags were hung behind the bridal table, with all speeches being spoken in both English and Croatian. Topped off by their band, who were the most enthusiastic and energetic band I’ve seen perform at a wedding to say the least! I’d say at least 60% of the music was European inspired, and really got everyone up on the dance floor. It also raised the temperature of the room a few degrees, but all in good fun!

Bridal Table & Cake

First Dance
One of the most beautiful moments for me was watching their first dance. Dancing to a slowed down version of Santana and Rob Thomas’ “Smooth” played by their band, Rick and Ange sung to each other as they twirled around the dancefloor. Smiles never leaving their face, it was beautiful to watch them sing to each other with such cheek and love.

Tables, food and company
I loved the simplicity of the table settings. Tall martini shaped vases filled with water, with floating orchards and tea lights, atop a mirror with a few more candles. Who doesn’t love candles?!

My partner and I were at Table 16, with my family – Mum, Dad, my brother and his daughter/my niece Sienna, and our long time friends Clinton and Hayley who are currently living interstate. Two other couples were on our table that I hadn’t met before, and truth be told I didn’t get much of a chance to speak with them! Between trying to get Sienna to sleep, watching all the Croatian dancing, getting some fresh air outside, and chatting amongst our own group, I was full up! I’m sure they were lovely people! 😉

For the menu, I know Ange deliberated a lot about what to do. She chose to do a chicken/beef alternate drop, with a vegetarian option. Given the audience (young adults!) I think it was a pretty safe bet! Food was delicious, and it made for easy choices, and happy kitchen.

And I can’t forget to mention the abundance of alcohol! Everything was included in the evening, from champagne, prosecco, red/white wine, beers and spirits. You asked a waiter for a bottle to leave on the table, and there appeared 2 bottles. Not to mention that it was all quality alcohol, so that was definitely a bonus!

The speeches were quite enjoyable, and didn’t go on too long. Both the bride and groom spoke exceptionally well, and the best man was entertaining and didn’t tell any embarrassing stories about Rick. Shae’s maid of honour speech brought a tear to my eye, as she reeled off everything that her and Ange have been through together and how special both her and Ricky are in her and her fiance’s life. To start his speech, Rick told his audience that it was his mother’s birthday and gave her a bunch of flowers, which was pretty special! Ange, for the months leading up to the wedding, had been learning Croatian and addressed her new family in their native language. It was beautiful to see the effort she made, and it was clear how touched the family were by her gesture.

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding. Highlights?

  • Her dress – what a stunning bodice!
  • The cake – 5 tiers chocolate mud cake, and it was to die for!
  • Seeing my niece walk down the aisle as a flower girl.
  • The simplicity of the bombonieres
  • The bridal table – complete with the flags, bridesmaid flowers across the length of the table, and their Mr & Mrs letters.

Photography above: Steph Webster // Wedding Venue: The Beaumaris // Wedding Dress: Raffaele Ciuca // Event Organiser: Leanne Doll // Cake: The Luxe Cake Company // Wedding Invitations: Jelena Balaban //

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