Congratulations Mez & Cam!

I’m a week late on writing this post, but I had to do a shout out to my gorgeous friend Meredith and her new fiance Campbell! The moment I got a text from Mez at 2am last Monday morning, I knew what the news was without even reading the message.

What a couple!

The girls and I have been saying it’s on the cards for ages, these two are just so perfectly matched in every way. Always laughter between them, clearly best friends and gorgeous family home complete with their puppy Tarzi. Mez, you are such a special woman and I am so happy that Campbell and you are getting married. Their wedding will be spectacular, set somewhere in Perth with their closest friends and family (which hopefully includes me!)

I won’t spoil too much, but if you’re interested in following some inspiration for Meredith’s wedding, I’ve created a Pinterest board just for her. Everything I think would be wonderful for her wedding.

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Congratulations to you guys, couldn’t have happened to a more beautiful couple.

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