The Bouquet Toss

Now, until recently I actually had never been to a wedding where the bouquet hadn’t been thrown into a crowd of women. The throwing of the garter is seemingly on the way out, but the bouquet toss? Surely not!

However I have now attended two wedding that didn’t throw the bouquet, and the next morning had me thinking “did I drink so much last night that I missed it?!” But I didn’t miss it, the bride simply left it off the evenings playlist.

I respect that!

I think it’s great to really take what elements you want for your wedding and ignore the age old traditions that more and more are losing their significance in the modern world.

Plus, it’s really a bit of a pressure cooker right? If you’re single, you feel awkward as being singled out and put on show. What happens if you catch it? Everyone is gushing at you saying you’re going to meet “Mr. Right” and “you’re next!”. Some other girl in a relationship who’s been dying for her boyfriend to ask her to marry her, is probably giving you daggers right about now. She deserved that bouquet, now he’ll never propose! Not to mention how crazy the women catching the bouquet get, they are ready to scratch a girls eye out to get that thing! Ridiculous when you think about it really, isn’t it?

So, if you are planning on throwing a bouquet my only advice is to make sure the florist does you a second, smaller bouquet that you can throw into the crowd. You’ll want to keep your own flowers for yourself, or give them to a loved one like mum or grandma. A few of my friends have also chosen to lay their flowers on the bed of recently departed.

Verdict? There’s no right answer, and however you feel about the bouquet toss, do it your way.

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