Bomboniere ideas

Choosing wedding favours for your wedding guests is always a difficult decision. If we’re honest, most people don’t keep the Bombonieres anyway right?

A few of my favourites from weddings have been

  • Maple Syrup – the family had a maple tree farm in Vermont, and was their own syrup, which was a beautiful touch
  • Candles – Candles are a winner because everyone loves a candle, particularly a scented one!
  • Plant – my best friend had an earthy theme to her wedding, and as her wedding favour she gave all the guests a mini plant to take home and plant in their backyard.

Having a brief think about what I would want to do, I’ve always thought that I would just donate to an animal charity such as RSPCA, Lost Dogs Home, WSPA, etc. However, recently I’ve been thinking that a really practical but elegant gift would be to do personalised wine glasses or champagne glasses. Serves a purpose on the evening, but people will most definitely keep them and use them in their home.

Some other things that I think are super cute

Find them at Mi Bride & Groom

Another cute idea in the theme of condiments is jams. Found this beautiful example from JL Designs.

So what’s the best wedding favour you’ve ever received?

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